PCUN Book Series

International textbooks for U.S. Psychology courses 

In 2020, the Psychology Coalition at the United Nations (PCUN) launched a bold new book series to address the need for international research and topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). PCUN partnered with a distinguished global publisher (Information Age Publishing), so PCUN experts and others can share their insights and research with a diverse global audience. 

Since then, PCUN has published four volumes, each with its own focus. All volumes share five features in common, to make them highly suitable as textbooks for Introduction to Psychology and a wide variety of traditional courses. 

  1. Diversity. Each volume is about 15 concise chapters in 200 pages, where 30+ authors from several nations offer a panoramic view of diverse issues among the UN’s 17 “Sustainable Development Goals.”
  2. Simplicity. Each chapter follows a simple format: a definition and overview of its timely issue, a glossary of key concepts, study questions, and a list of references.
  3. Student-oriented. By design, most chapters are co-authored by a leading expert in that specialty, teamed with a “rising star” student intern working with the UN—so the volume is suitable as a textbook for novices as well as a reference book for professionals.
  4. Authoritative. These first-ever volumes on “behavioral science at the UN” are praised as “much-needed” volumes by leaders in the diplomatic and academic communities.
  5. Inexpensive. The publisher (IAP) is a global firm which is committed to making these 200-page volumes inexpensive, at under $50 per volume.

More details and forms to order from the publisher appear at the series website: www.infoagepub.com/series/International-Psychology  The books can also be ordered online via Amazon.

Future volumes will continue to address the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, described at https://sdgs.un.org/goals. For any details, contact the series Editors at congress@fordham.edu, or takoosh@aol.com 

Elaine P. Congress, Harold Takooshian, & Abigail Asper. (2020). (Eds.). Behavioral science in the global arena: Addressing timely issues at the United Nations and beyond
[16 chapters on diverse topics in 230 pages by 28 co-authors from 3 nations] 

Elaine P. Congress, Dalton Meister, Shenae C. Osborn, & Harold Takooshian (2022a). (Eds.). Behavioral science in the global arena: Global mental, spiritual, and social health.
[14 chapters in 218 pages by 36 co-authors from 5 nations] 

Elaine P. Congress, Dalton Meister, Shenae C. Osborn, & Harold Takooshian (2022b). (Eds.). Behavioral science in the global arena: Health trends and issues.
[14 chapters in 219 pages by 37 co-authors from 7 nations] 

Niels P. Rygaard, Uwe P. Gielen, Elaine P. Congress, Julia Larock, (Eds). Children Around the World: The Future of Our Earth
[15 chapters in 258 pages by 37 authors from around the world]